Laure Betris / Kassette

Laure Betris fell in love with rock music in her youth when she toured the country’s shadiest clubs with her girl grunge band.

Grown up, she discovered that subtle melodies can be hidden behind the walls of Marshalls. So she set about composing pieces on her own, having in mind the idea of doing a more personal project: Kassette.

Three studio albums and hundreds of concerts later, her music – just as uncompromising recorded as live – is enjoyed by an ever larger audience. The musician has just finished work on a new album produced by Robin Girod (Mama Rosin): a stunning encounter that accounts for most of the sound (release planned for the end of 2015). In the meantime, the jack-of-all-trades is working on parallel projects as a “side-woman” or together with visual artists on more experimental performances and concerts.


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