Matías Daporta

Matías Daporta studied at SNDO, the university of choreography of Amsterdam, and graduated from the MA in Visual Culture of Reina Sofía (Madrid). Although his training is in performance, he works as a multidisciplinary artist.

He has worked on the limits of theater and cinema, transcribed in a series of pieces called Knock Down. The final project of this series was the live shooting and editing of the movie with the same title. In 2016 he joined the LaJuan Gallery as co-artistic director, a performance-based art space in the centre of Madrid.

At Arc, Matías is working on a project titled #spanishwashing, on the limits of cultural diversity. This includes a series of artistic works from different disciplines connected by the same polétic impulse (poetic and political). His working hypothesis is that once the Spanish dictatorship ended and during the transition process, there was not enough effort to correct the damage of 40 years of cultural censorship. A homogenizing process (conscious or unconscious) still exists, and that is also a direct inheritance of the censorship policies of the time of the dictatorship. During his stay at Arc, Matías is researching cases and cultural policies, talking and discussing, and imagining the future of culture to come.

Matías is joined by the dancer Begoña Cuquejo and the lawyer Astrid Baldissera for the length of this residency.


  • Custom-made residency


16 NOV - 13 DEC 2017